We work very closely with investors and landlords to help you build your investment property portfolio. Whether your preferred investment strategy is BMV, BTS or BTL we can help. We also source lease option and rent to rent deals, but as noted below, we don’t source these for ‘just anyone’.

We only sell deals that we would act on ourselves, so you can be sure that if you work with us, you’ll be getting a good deal.

Below Market Value (BMV)

Below Market Value is when you acquire a property at a percentage below the current market value. Generally there will also be some light refurbishment to do before either putting it on the market to resell or adding into your lettings portfolio.

Buy to Sell (BTS)

Also known as flipping, this is a property that you buy with the specific intention to add value to before selling it. This might be some extensive refurbishment or some full on renovation works, but which ever route you go down, it will need to ultimately increase the value of the property to make money doing it.

Buy to Let (BTL)

This is a property that you acquire with the intention of renting it out, either as a single let or multiple occupancy.

Lease Options (LO)

Lease Options aren’t generally well understood by many people, but they are a good tool to use in certain circumstances. There are two parts to this deal; the first being the ‘Lease’ where you rent the property from the owner for a period of time, and as you control it, you take on the risk and reward of the property for that length of time, then at the end of the lease, you have the ‘Option’ to buy the property. They aren’t a particularly common deal at the moment as it does require the owner of the property to be in a bit of a tight corner, from which there is little option as to their way forward.

Rent to Rent (R2R)

Rent to Rent deals are when you rent a property from an owner and sublet it either as a single let or multiple occupancy.

We don’t offer rent to rent deals to just anyone, and there has to be a relationship of trust built between ElysianIsland Properties and those we sell these deals to. This is because when we negotiate the deal with the property owner, we do so with the trust that the property will be properly looked after and that the capability, finances and inclination are all present to do that properly.

How to join our Investment Team

Our Investment Team is the group of investors that have priority access to the deals that we have available. If you would like to join the team, our process is as follows:

  1. Organise a zoom call with Elyse to chat through what your investment strategy is and what sort of deals you’d be interested in seeing.
  2. Send through photo and address ID for AML purposes and proof of funds so that we are able to move quickly with securing a deal when one arises that meets your criteria.
  3. Quarterly catch-up call with Elyse (or more often if you have a faster moving investment strategy that warrants more contact).

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